MadWire jewellery made with love and care by magdArt

Since I was a child I was often seen with a marker and a pencil in hand, painting the walls of my house. I remember my mother following me with a sponge cleaning and screaming at me..."there are papers and sketch books to draw on, not on the walls, not again". But I always thought that walls are better, for they have a bigger space to draw on to. hehe. 

At  school I often spend my time drawing and filling the spaces of my books which made all my teachers think I was taking notes and I was a quiet kid in class. Little did they know! hehe

As a teenager after high school trying to figure out what to do in life, I was clueless. I had absolutely no idea what to do for a living but finally I decided to become a graphic designer and  enroled at Vacalo school. My education lasted three years and I learned many interesting things not only for Graphic Design, but History of Art, Interior Decoration, Architectural Design, Photography, Painting, Sculpturing, Industrial Design, Illustration and much more. 

In the final year I was introduced to a new form of digital Art, Web Design. By then I had no idea how to use a computer, but I was so intrigued by this new form of Art that I learned it fast and I find I never stop learning new skills on each and every new web design that I create.

This is just a little bit of a showroom for my new work of Art, the jewellry making, handmade out of wire. It is a very old technique, viking kniting with wire and I am absolutelly hooked on it! Hope you like my jewels and you can always ask me anythinh in my blog and even order if you like.  

Thank you for  bothering to come in and take a look.

<3 M <3